It is the mission of S & S Africa Safari to enrich and inspire the lives of our guests by providing ethical, authentic, and sustainable safari experiences that encourage people to connect with nature, contribute to community, and commit to conservation.

We are committed to providing travel experiences that support wildlife and nature conservation organizations and humanitarian efforts in Tanzania and throughout Africa.

Our Managing Director has been traveling the world since childhood and spent 20 years in travel media fulfilling such roles as photographer, journalist, editor, editor-in-chief, and publisher. In 2018, he made his first trip to Tanzania and fell in love with this beautiful country, its people, and the wildlife. Since then, he has made multiple trips back, cultivating his wildlife photography and planning to start a safari company with his guide in order to share the awe he felt the first time he inhaled the splendor of the Serengeti and filled his lungs with the magic of Africa.

Our Director of Operations and lead guide has spent more than 25 years guiding hundreds of people on safaris in Tanzania, from many wonderful families to world renowned photographers and film makers, including those from National Geographic, Animal Planet, and BBC Earth. After his primary and secondary education was finished, he went to National Vocational College to study Motor Vehicle Mechanics and then went back to college, earning his degree in Wildlife Management Tourism. He continues to further his education by completing many short courses on wildlife, first aid, ecology, and customer care. Throughout his long career, he has won several awards for best customer service and best guide. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of wildlife and his country while also learning from and about his guests.

S & S Africa Safari, Ltd is a Tanzanian registered tour operator based in Arusha, providing customized bespoke safari itineraries for our guests. From private to group tours, we guarantee an experience to last a lifetime and aspire to instill a love for this country and the wildlife most enthusiasts dream of seeing in their natural habitats.

Please contact us to begin planning your life changing safari experience!

Elephant Herd
Elephant herd in the grass of the African savanna in Serengeti National Park.