The health and safety of our guests, staff, and people of Tanzania is paramount for S & S Africa Safari, Ltd.

We are currently open for travel and welcome guests for safari bookings.

There is always a risk when traveling, especially during a global pandemic. It is the responsibility of each guest to evaluate, understand, and plan accordingly for themselves and their families.

S & S Africa Safari, Ltd will follow any and all government protocols regarding Covid-19.

Vaccines, negative test results, and masks will be required wherever it is mandated in Tanzania.

We rely on our guests to make the best health decisions for themselves and their families while giving profound consideration of their impact on the health and welfare of others, especially the people of Tanzania.

All guests are required to have travel insurance and medical insurance prior to traveling on safari with S & S Africa Safari, Ltd.

Tanzania currently requires all guests to take a rapid test when arriving at the airport. The cost of this test, the test prior to departure and any other tests will be the responsibility of the guest. The costs for required preplanned tests will be included in the safari package. For guests arriving at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), S & S Africa Safari, Ltd will include a concierge service to meet our guests on the tarmac upon deplaning and provide an escort through the test process to avoid potential lengthy wait times in line.

Should a guest test positive for Covid upon arrival they will be required to quarantine per government mandates. A guests travel insurance should pay for or reimburse guests expenses for quarantine. S & S Africa Safari, Ltd cannot accept responsibility for these expenses. We will assist in every way possible to ensure that the guest is comfortable, safe, and cared for while in quarantine. If the safari itinerary has to be changed, S & S Africa, Ltd will make every effort to change dates to accommodate our guests, but we are bound to the individual lodge's cancellation and change policies and cannot guarantee any refund.

Should a guest develop symptoms for Covid and require medical attention or hospitalization, S & S Africa Safari, Ltd is a member of Flying Doctors and will assist in evacuation to the nearest medical facility for treatment. All expenses incurred for treatment and hospitalization will be the responsibility of guest and their chosen health insurance company.

We thank you for understanding the assumptions of risks and responsibilities and look forward to helping plan your safari experience.