Performance and efficiency through integration

Halliburton Project Management delivers integrated performance-based solutions through collaborative engineering and risk management.

Prevent well control emergencies

Halliburton Boots & Coots – the expertise, engineering, and technology to address challenging onshore, offshore, and subsea well control problems.

Digital integration for increased asset value

Halliburton Consulting never stops working to assess, design and engineer solutions that continuously improve asset value. Using a comprehensive and proven portfolio of services, Halliburton drives and delivers asset enhancement strategies, exploration insights, field development plans, and digital production workflows.


Successfully delivered integrated projects


Years of well control experience


Global locations


Years of asset development consulting experience

Proven success through multidisciplinary teams and virtual integration 

To deliver wells for clients in the Gulf of Mexico, Halliburton Project Management collaborates with multidisciplinary teams in applied fluid optimization, applied drilling technology, and drilling optimization with geomechanics professionals from Halliburton Consulting.  

Halliburton Virtual Remote Operations centers employ collaborative engineering modeling and real-time monitoring during well execution, maximizing the value of data acquisition and logistics to identify and optimize future targets. 

As models are continuously updated based on a real-time feed of well conditions, drilling analytics and advisory alerts are delivered to the rig on regular basis. With that, Halliburton helps operators avoid borehole problems leading to significant savings in well time.


Case Study

Integration drives performance in ultra-deepwater project

Halliburton project management achieved new benchmarks in post-salt and salt sections by integrating solutions from multiple teams. 

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Expert collaboration for seamless planning and operations 

Halliburton offers expertise in optimal well design and placement. With early engagement​ and a one-team approach with reservoir development​, we provide planning and operations​ continuity. Halliburton maximizes the value of data acquisition to generate and optimize future targets​.

Reduce uncertainty with subsurface intelligence

Halliburton leverages the industry’s only Global Earth Model to deliver advanced technology and subsurface intelligence across the asset lifecycle. 

Agile field development

Develop new, mature, and unconventional fields efficiently

Halliburton’s field development programs deliver superior value to operators by incorporating leading technologies throughout a field’s life. 

Reduced waste across the entire value chain 

We also help you reduce waste across the entire value chain by applying one-team approach, standardizing processes/procedures, and preventing duplication of risk and contingencies. 

Safe, efficient wells to lower cost per barrel   

Halliburton helps operators achieve a lower cost per barrel by continuously improving safety performance, reducing time per well and applying Lean Six Sigma through collaborative Value Stream Mapping.  

Project Management

Project Management

Well Control and Prevention Services

Well Control and Prevention Services




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